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Spin Dry my Cellphone

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After more than a year of brave service, my Sony Ericsson k750i cellphone finally decided to say goodbye. Let me recount the story of this warior’s adventure.

I bought this phone one fine evening from Sahara Center in Sharjah. I had taken along my hostel-mates Viplove and Ammar to help me out with the purchase. This was my first colour, multimedia, bluetooth and camera phone; and what a beauty it was. It had a simplistic, yet thorough and professionally designed operating system. The phone’s animated themes were so classy, that they made me switch from the Nokia camp to the Sony Ericsson camp in an instant. After bringing my newest toy home, I started playing with it. A few self-snaps and a lot of theme-transfers later, I set an alarm and went to sleep. Early in the morning, next day, I made its first call. A legend was born; to service me, it’s happy user, for a year and four months.

Having a camera-phone in your hands certainly is fun, especially when it’s your first one. I spent the remaining two months of the fourth semester taking pictures of anything and everything that was worth clicking. I also had fun using it as a wireless remote control for my laptop. Here are some snaps that the k750i had taken during it’s first two months of service:


A year passed, during which this soldier, who had seen its ranks grow from Corporal to Sergeant, never gave me trouble. After its one year warranty period expired, I decided to crack into the phone, and flash it into a W800i. Using software available on the internet, I flashed the phone’s firmware, and upgraded it to a W800i phone. I now had a walkman phone! Sergeant k750i had just been promoted to Major W800i, and was to offer me three more months of loyal service.

On 24th August 2008, Major W800i was sighted martyred in a clothes basket. Its battery had been badly disfigured. It showed no signs of life.

A look at Major W800i’s log showed that it had been in a great adventure on rough seas- or shall we say- soapy, detergent-water. Excerpts from his log:

24th August 2008, 0800 h

“I have been assigned a shorts-pocket, and am stealthily waiting for further instructions”.

0810 h

“The pair of shorts is mobile, and is transporting me into what, from an altitude of 2 m, looks like a washing machine”.

0815 h

“The washing machine has started dispensing water on all clothes. These are flood-like conditions in development! I must make a move so that I can escape wihout drowning”.

0820 h

“The downpour is over. I am perched a little higher than the other clothes, and have survived the flood. For now!”

0825 h

“The walls have started rotating! Only if they can rotate fast enough. Then I can be thrown upwards, and can try to open the lid in an attempt to escape”.

0830 h

“Alert! Tsunami! A rotating one, that carries foam! Water has slipped into LCD, rendering visibility very poor . Have injured head from bump into the rotating wall”.

0835 h

“M’aidez! M’aidez! Have slipped out of shorts pocket. Tidal wave has hit sharply. Water in keypad. Suffocating! Water soon to enter microphone”.

0840 h

“Bluetooth Down! Bluetooth Down! Cannot send signals wirelessly. Recording all messages to memory”.

0845 h

“Twin Attack on microphone and speakers. Audibility and speech shut off. Diverting all resources to CPU and battery!”

0850 h

“Battery breach broken. Shall shut down entire system if battey short circuits. Arrgh! Leg seriously hurt due to impact. Foam penetrating open wounds. Nausea form spinning. Critical resources about to be used up”.

0855 h

“Bzzt! Bzzt! MAjor ShOrT cIRcuitzzpff. ShUTtIG dWn all elecTRIKLG acTiVITY”.

0900 h

“End of Log”.

Major W800i spun dry for some more time before the clothes were taken out of the washing machine.

And then came my new phone! 😀 . More on it later.

Here are the pics of the k750i. The first one was taken when it was newly purchased. The other one was taken after it had had its bath in the washing machine:

Brand New Phone

Brand New Phone

Beaten up!

Beaten up!

More on my new phone in the next post!


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