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Mozilla Prism

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A quick post about Mozilla’s name for its web-apps project called Prism. To be released as Web runner, Prism creates application-like environments out of traditional web-based services like gmail, google talk, facebook and twitter. People have traditionally used browsers for viewing web pages, and dedicated email clients, chat clients, news-feed aggregators for specialized tasks. Since the home user has seen a paradigm shift from these to web-based services, Mozilla decided to separate browsing from checking email, chatting and postingĀ  facebook wall entries. Prism will create standalone applications that you can launch from your desktop, use solely for the purposes they are intended for, and then close them. In a way, all they’ve done is created little launchers that open up hyperlinks in a firefox window, but don’t allow any out of course web-navigation. Kind of cool if you think that the traditional way feels more satisfying. Not kind of cool if you realize what they’ve really done in essence: Strip off a browser of some clothes and shove a rod up its behind. This is still a labs project. You can find out more about it at http://labs.mozilla.com/2007/10/prism/ (By the way, this page is horribly designed. Somebody teach the Mozilla people how to use CSSs. They’ve been making too many browsers).


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