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Heroes is the Most Boring thing to Happen to TV

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Typical Story:

Sylar/Claire/Any Petrelli is talking to Angela/Noah/Any of the Ali Larter characters about how complicated life is/ how everything is to be done for the greater good/ how hungry one is for something, when suddenly a group of gunmen/ an African daydreamer/Hiro Nakamura/ some nutcase escapee from the containment facility shows up and opens fire/ starts painting/ stops time/ Blasts everyone with crazy blue-orange fireballs. Blood, paper and furniture fies everywhere, accompanied by shaky camerawork and people running here and there. Suddenly the scene changes for no sane reason and we see Nathan Petrelli campaigning for some lame election. After listening to this deliberately shot scene as the script writers had nothing exciting in mind, we go back to the previous freak show scene. Later we realise that all was a dream induced by the African/time travel experience by Hiro/ A dream of Angela or a dream within a time travel or a time travel within a dream involving time travel or a time travel and dream interleaved. Suddenly, some guy returns from the dead and we are all surprised. The show ends with Mohinder Suresh babbling some nonsense in accompaniment to a castrato’s chants, and the same story is repeated next week.


Written by parrymathur

February 19, 2009 at 2237

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  1. Agree with it all…except the last bit. Mohinder Suresh’s contract seems to exclude verbal boredom this volume.


    February 20, 2009 at 2357

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