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Chrome to Firefox, Banshee Internet Radio and Linux

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Get More Screen from Firefox

It’s been a while since I wrote about anything that made sense (wait, when did that ever happen?). So today, I decided to tell you about – among many things – a simple, yet often underused customisation to Firefox, that gives you more screen space à la Google Chrome. I’ve observed that many people have started using Google Chrome just because of the amount of screen-based real estate it lets them save for their browsing purposes. However, they’re missing out on a lot of goodies. In particular, I’d never switch to Chrome until they support add-ons, and more specifically, one of my favourite add-ons: AdBlock Plus (which I seriously doubt Google will ever do, since it’ll cut down on their ad-revenues). Also, they’re missing out on a bunch of other add-ons like DownThemAll and FashGot. Anyway, this isn’t a Chrome Bashing post (I’ll leave that for later :P). Here’s a link to Stefano Forenza’s EXCELLENT blog, where he explains how to do it in detail: http://www.stefanoforenza.com/minimal-firefox-how-to/. Do give his other articles a read, too. They’re really different and amazing.

Banshee Internet Radio FINALLY Working!

I access the Internet through a proxy server. Also, I prefer listening to music on Banshee Media Player. Up till the time I last checked, I couldn’t listen to Internet Radio because I was behind a proxy. After trawling through Ubuntu forums and finding several workarounds, one of which included creating a shell script that launched Banshee and kept a terminal window running in the background, I switched to Songbird, which is a favorite among many people. Songbird was fine, the only problem was that it was U-G-L-Y. It looked more like a browser than a music player. Although it had things like a variation of iTune’s coverflow, a mashtape that fetched the track’s details, and a nifty lyrics fetching tool (all of which worked under my proxy settings) ; it looked more like a web browser than a music player (It uses the same engine as Firefox) and had the ability to browse web pages (yuck!)

A few hours ago, I happened to check on Banshee once again. I played a track, and suddenly noticed last.fm recommendations popping up on the bottom of the screen! Could it be true? Had Banshee finally started to recognise my proxy settings? I scrambled to the Radio section, and added Dubai’s City 101.6 to its list (the URL, in case you need it is: mms://adams.wm-live.abacast.com/arabian_radio-city-64) and hit the play button. Then I noticed the words Contacting…. Bufferring (Whoopie!) and then finally, I heard playback! So it seems that the people at Banshee have finally fixed this bug, and have reinstated Banshee as my favourite music player. Here’s what music players should and should not look like:

Official Registered Linux User!

Yep! I’ve registered myself as a Linux user. What do I get out of it? Well, nothing, actually; but it’s fun and offcial looking. So why not? You can do it, too. Even if you’re not a Linux user (Sadly, this ancient website implements no OS detection). So go ahead and do it at http://counter.li.org/. You’ll get a cool registration badge.

Stefano Forenza, Again!

Well, this section is just a reminder about this new blog I discovered. It’s a tech-blog, mostly dealing with linux-related (particularly, Ubuntu-related) topics. Here’s the link: http://www.stefanoforenza.com/


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