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Samsung Galaxy 5 – Android Awesomeness

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Recently, my mom’s stone-age Nokia whose name I cannot even remember, had started giving her problems. She had really been wanting a new one, and I had my eye on Samsung’s Galaxy 5 smartphone as the perfect choice for her. The Galaxy 5 is a Corby with engines replaced. Instead of Samsung’s propreitary OS, it runs Google’s Android 2.1 Éclair. At INR 9000, it is the most affordable Android smartphone in the Indian market. So Today, on the occasion of Vijaydashmi, I went to my local Mobile Store and bought it.

The phone delivers all that it promises. Samsung has cleverly lowered the processor speed, screen resolution and camera resolution of higher end phones , and has crafted a power-packed smartphone that is affordable. Its touch screen is not disappointing at all. Unlike most inexpensive touch phones, where you need to press hard and coax the UI to budge to your commands, this phone glides as smooth as its big brothers: The Galaxy S and The Milestone. I am really happy that Samsung has taken this step to increase the reach of its smartphones farther across its market. This phone is an excellent choice for anybody who wants to experience quality mobile software at a budget or someone who wants to make a switch from Nokia. I daresay, at the risk of being mauled by Nokia fans, that this is a good alternative to the E63. It lies in the same price-bracket, is more feature-rich, and adds a much needed touch of coolness to a smartphone.
For detailed tech-specs, you can see GSMArena’s listing for this phone at: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i5500_galaxy_5-3371.php

Android’s an awesome platform. So people who’ve got E63s or Corby’s on their minds should definitely consider this first.


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October 17, 2010 at 2232

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  1. I was planning to go and buy the samsung galaxy 5, beocz i wanted an android phone in the price range of plus or minus 1000AED, and there is none other available. I was looking for it online, and the great google social circle showed me that you have got one for someone, and have written a review on it. The only thing thats stopping me from getting me is, i have read people telling me that its is quite unresponsive, and slow. Since the processor is not powerful to handle the android platform. Whats your say on this. Should i get one?. Well, if you would say it depends, i dont care about the camera or anything like that. I just want the wifi so i can have gmail, gtalk and google voice 24×7. You know i can make free calls within the US. Actually i prefer galaxy spica lite as it has a 800meg processor. But its no longer available.


    November 19, 2010 at 1823

  2. Hi

    I’m sorry for replying so late. If your phone search is still on, might I suggest the Samsung Galaxy 3? It is the Galaxy 5’s bigger cousin. Since the camera upgrade isn’t important for you, the other benefit, namely a larger screen would help much.
    I bought the Galaxy 5 for my mom. She finds the phone really nice. The phone isn’t slow or unresponsive. However, if you’re going to do text-heavy consumption, you might want to go for the Galaxy 3 because of its larger and better-resolved screen. If any of your relatives are visiting from India, you might like to explore the cheaper options. Micromax is selling Android phones (éclair) for Rs. 7000. I’ve heard many good reviews on Micromax from people. They say its hardware isn’t bad at all. The Galaxy 5 costs around Rs. 10000 and the Galaxy 3 costs Rs 12000. Both of these are within your Dhs 1000 budget.
    Happy searching.



    December 9, 2010 at 1111

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